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...Wild Woods Taxidermy grew from a love of hunting and art and a respect for the beauty of the animals that we hunt. Each of our mounts is done with extreme attention to detail and is finished with precision and skill. We incorporate details into our mounts that most people are not even aware of and our pieces are custom created to meet the desire of our clients. We are attentive to customer special requests and do our best to deliver a mount you will be proud to display. Our goal is repeat customers and referrals from happy customers.

Our customer service... attentive to your needs and requests. Whether you are local or long distance, we try to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Although our taxidermy business is based out of Fifield WI, we service all of Northern WI and beyond. We offer our long distance customers:

  • Individualized paperwork packets done via mail
  • Shipping in custom-made crates 
  • Clear instructions on how to unpack your mount to preserve it's beauty 

Our work... done by a skilled, award-winning taxidermist.
We offer fish, bird and North American, African, and exotic life-size mounts, gameheads, fish replicas and rugs. We specialize in custom created mounts, designed to meet the requests of our clients. If you can think of a pose or scene, we can bring it to life!

Shown here is owner/taxidermist, Travis, with a First Place pedestal mount entered at the National Taxidermists Association competition in South Dakota, 2011.

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