We know bears!

Your bear taxidermist

   Our studio is located in the heart of Northern Wisconsins bear country. We work on lots of bears! We are set up and ready to help you as soon as you harvest your bear in our fully equipped studio complete with a walk-in cooler, scale, garage door and carts for easy transport, fully equipped skinning room and two hoists, custom measurement sheets, and knives sharpened up and ready to rock!
   We take multiple measurements of your bear, note weight, and boar or sow. Sex of the bear makes a huge difference. Boars and sows are shaped significantly different. Your taxidermist needs to know this, and pay attention to it! 

   We are able to meet you at the studio late in the evening to get your bear in our cooler and get it cold. Contact us before

your hunt for more info! We then start on it in the morning and you are able to come get your meat the next day to do as you wish. We then flesh, salt, and dry your hide right away in prep for tanning....we don’t freeze and thaw your fresh bears. We like to refer to bear season around here as “sleepless in September”!  


You’ve waited a long time for this bear!

Choose your taxidermist wisely. If you’d like some more info and current pricing on our bear services, drop us a line and let us know. Good luck hunting! Hope to see you soon!