Shipping and delivery

Shipping specimens to us for mounting is simpler than most people think. Frozen fish, birds, skins, etc. can be double bagged and shipped on a Monday. It also helps to line the box with some insulation to keep it from thawing. Shipping in a cheap cooler is a great option as well.  always ship on a Monday and call us to let us know that your package is coming to ensure someone is around to accept it and we know its on its way.  Please feel free to call any time, I can answer questions over the phone or via email or text.  If you are in the Midwest, SpeeDee is by far the best way to ship. USPS is also usually more economic than other shipping methods.

For African and exotic imports, it is always best to contact us before your hunt. By doing this, we can get you brokerage info to make the import smooth. Most often we use Fauna & Flora Customhouse in New York or Coppersmith Global Logistics out of Chicago. Your trophies will then go to the tannery I trust to handle our exotics, in Michigan, and then directly to our studio.

We use a few methods to get your finished mount safely back to you. Smaller mounts like small mammals, shoulder mount deer sized animals, fish, and even birds can be crated, secured and shipped affordably.

We also use the trusted services of a few trophy shipping companies to deliver certain large mounts that cannot be crated and shipped. This is my preferred method if given the choice, as these guys know how to handle taxidermy.

And if need be, we will load up a trailer and deliver your mounts ourselves. We have much experience securing and loading mounts for transport, as we’ve done extensive work for Cabela’s and had to ship everything via semi-trailer.....bouncy, shaky, semi-trailer.

We have shipped pieces all over. From New York or the Carolinas, to Arizona and Washington. This is just another part of the job.​ Shipping charges vary depending on size, amount, and mode of transport.

Please call if you have any questions about this process and we’ll be happy to help!

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One of our trailers loaded and ready to roll